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Interview with student, poet and activist, Eloïse Armary!

Britain Uncovered - an ongoing celebration of body positivity


"Earlier this month, Britain Uncovered had the opportunity for a sit-down interview with Eloïse Armary, a Parisian who is currently undertaking her Master’s degree at the University of Sussex in Brighton. During our conversation, we discuss Eloïse’s thoughts on body positivity, her modelling experience in the summer, the ways her relationship with her body has evolved over the years, her poetry work, and a great deal more!"

Artist focus: Alice Pierre

The Badger - award winning official student's newspaper, University of Sussex. Interview by Éloïse Armary

"Alice Pierre is a photographer-writer, she was born and raised in Paris, studied Photography in Montreal, and is finishing her MA in Creative Writing here in Brighton. She launched her first online exhibition ‘Write Me a Novel’ accessible on I was one of the models for the exhibition and I am sharing with you an insight into the making of her multi-faceted project."

Interview with photographer and author, Alice Pierre!

Britain Uncovered - an ongoing celebration of body positivity


"Britain Uncovered had the opportunity to speak with the project’s creator, Alice Pierre, about everything the project entails. We discuss how the concept first came to light, the importance of the human body in relation to the project, Alice’s views on her own body confidence, and more!"

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Write me a Novel has given you an array of beginnings and endings, as well as visuals and melodies. It is now your turn to create something, inspired by Alice's words and photographs. Use the form below to send us your poems, short stories, photographs, drawings, memories and dreams, or simply what you think is happening on the models! 


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'people who say putain'

my little bit of france

the images you have been fed

of a dream country

tour eiffel bérêt baguette

none of that

ok, yes the baguette

my memories instead

colorful snapshots

of laughter and pain

crêpes jeux de mots putain

this is why i traveled 

maybe it's all the same

i don't want French to be the water

i swim in

monolithic grey

i want to stand on the sand

and dip in the blue

observe its colors from

far away

close enough, though

that i can see my own reflection

my body shape moving

at the rhythm of the waves

words all over my skin

i am wearing a story

i thought there would be 

a bit more laughter


but don't attack my pain

cos it is mine

my france and your france

won't ever be the same

who am i kidding

see, i talk about my france

in english

but my words will probably be read

by people who say




eternalized on the human body

'feel the early morning sun on her skin, the soft warm air in her hair and smell the sweet touch of grass and lavender in the air'

published on Éloïse @eloisearmarypoetry

tattooed by

photographs by Alice JL Pierre

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